ST25: Oh look, the Yankees beat us, 8-6

his has been a good back and forth game with the Yankees which was nice that we kept up with them.
Kosovo air strikes started right when Rusty Greer hit a single and drove in Mac to tie the game 3-3. They kept interrupting the Ranger game a few times to report on what was going on there. That included a report from over there, and we got to hear President Clinton, too. He talked over the entire top of the 5th inning.
Rangers blew a big chance in the 6th – Goodwin had a triple with one out, then Mac walked, and Greer & Gonzalez struck out (Gonzalez with his usual swing at something way out of the strike zone and low). Damn! Also, Jeff Juden of the Yankees could NOT find the strike zone. Walked a ton of people, including almost beaning Clayton. However, did not allow a run. That kind of stuff really bugs me. Not once, but twice having an excellent opportunity, and doing nothing.
After a pretty decent game, the Rangers put in the guys who were going to be AAA anyway, Sheldon & Gallagher starting making errors, giving the Yankees a larger lead (3).
And then Ruben Mateo cracks another big Home run to tie the thing. Boy, this really is a back and forth game. Oh man!
And then the friggin errors do us in at the end. We gave up a couple runs in the top of the ninth primarly due to errors, and then we lost the game. Was nice to see us hang in there though – but I’m really starting to get annoyed by all the miscues. :(
Commentary by Jim Meeks:
Finally, another game on the radio. I listened via Due to a server malfunction on their part, I missed most of the first and some of the 2nd innings. Paul Harvey was piped in for a while from some Oklahoma City station…so it wasn’t a total loss…..goooood day!
Anyway, the big “pitch-off” today was really nothing more than another crummy performance by Esteban Loaiza and an average Mike Morgan outing. Loaiza developed a blister and had to leave early. He was behind just about every hitter. I think he had 3 balls on 5 different hitters but wound up walking just one. Morgan sailed along his first 4 innings, then he gave up some hard hits and a couple of earned runs. The Rangers made two costly errors in the infield behind him.
As far the “pitch-off” goes, Morgan won easily. despite that bad inning before he left the game.
Ruben Mateo continues to play very well. He homered in his only at bat, a two-run smash that tied the game late. He’s now hit in 11 straight spring contests. You’d think he’s slated for AAA, but the kid can flat-out play baseball. I’m very excited about his progress. Oates says never say never, so he’s leaving his mind open about the young Dominican. How can he not? Mateo has been the story of the Rangers’ spring.
Mark McLemore seems to be making great strides, as he stole a couple of bases and made at least two outstanding plays at second base (according to the radio guys). I would have given him up for retirement after last year. Can you believe he’s just 34? With his past ailments, it seems he’s 54.
Anyway, the Rangers lost. The games seem to mean less and less this time of the spring, as now the blood curdles for the season to start. The team is off tomorrow, but I might write a commentary anyway, so look for it. :)