ST23: Rangers lose tough one to Detroit, 3-2

A tough loss, but we did get pretty decent pitching again, which was nice to see. I really hope that holds up over the course of the season.
Mark Clark is really starting to look like another good pickup for Doug Melvin – I thought that when we first got him, but it’s nice to be seeing Clark prove that theory correct. We’re starting to become more focued, it seems, and that’s good, I’d like to hit opening day with a good stride.
We pitched against Justin Thompson, someone I’d love to have here in Arlington, but unfortunately, he’s the ace of Detroit, I don’t see that ever happening. :) Actually, I traded for him on my computer baseball game (I love to play Hardball 6), so he’s a Ranger in my mind. :)
More errors (OK, only one) today. It seems that every game that goes by has some sort of error, and it’s starting to irk me. We had a big problem with that in 97, and it didn’t get a whole lot better in 98. I hope we can get a lid on this soon.
Commentary by Jim Meeks:
Ah, another spring weekday, another day without the Rangers on the radio. The Rangers lost a tough one on Monday 3-2 to the Detroit Tigers.
Despite the loss, the Rangers’ pitching continues to improve. This is the 3rd straight ballgame that the Ranger hurlers have pitched well. Mark Clark gave up 3 runs in 5 innings, but it appears wasn’t hit hard. He only walked one. His control has been excellent this spring – and throughout his career. He’s a true control pitcher.
Juan Gonzalez just keeps hitting. Today he rapped out a couple of singles and drove in another 2 runs. Last year Gonzalez was in great shape and stayed off the disabled list. They say this year he’s in even better shape. Perhaps being in such great shape will again keep him healthy all year.
Justin Thompson, the lefty who will be the opening day starter for Detroit when they meet the Rangers in two weeks, pitched well for Detroit. Let’s hope the Rangers have his number when they meet again.