ST21: Rangers win over Reds, 5-4

My wife and I were out this afternoon doing some shopping, and I totally forgot the game was on the radio – I didn’t get to listen to any of it, unfortunately. By the time we remembered it was on, it was 3:30, and the game was already over. :(
Fortunately, we have Jim’s commentary to back me up here. :)
Commentary by Jim Meeks:
The Rangers won today for the first time in their last 3 exhibition games, led by a Juan Gonzalez 3-run homer and the pitching of Rick Helling.
It was Gonzo’s 2nd homer this spring. He’s been hitting extremely well but not for much power. The two-time AL MVP also added a single.
Rusty Greer remains hot, going 3 for 3 today. It’s good to see the 3 & 4 guys in the lineup hitting so well with just a little over a couple weeks until the season starts. Tom Goodwin added a couple of hits as well.
Helling surrended 2 runs and 2 walks in 5 innings, which for any Texas pitcher is good news. The way this team scores, if the starters’ ERA can stay around 4.50, they’ll pick up a lot of wins.
Hyped rookies Mike Zywicka and Kelly Dransfeldt have played a lot this spring but both have done virtually nothing offensively. I wouldn’t be surprised to see both in AAA camp by the next cut. I do think Ruben Mateo will make that cut however, and who knows how long he will be around after that.