ST1: Rangers drop spring opener to Reds, 5-4

It was really great to hear the Rangers on the radio again. It was obvious that this was a minor league park. You could hear the people chanting for the players over the announcer’s mikes. This was a split squad game for the Reds, so I’m not sure if we got a good test, but hell, this is the first pre-season game. It tends to be not the best baseball anyway. Still, it was great hearing the guys again.
The Rangers seemed to be very agressive on the basepaths today, but they got thrown out a lot, too. Again, being the first day, I’m not putting a whole lot of pressure on them – was nice, though. Juan Gonzalez & Todd Zeile weren’t with the team today, they were back in Port Charlotte getting in some extra excercise.
My wife did something really cool for me today for the game. She came up to where I work and brought me some lunch which consisted of freshly cooked hot dogs w/mustard & sauerkraut, a bag of peanuts, and specially made Texas Ranger cookies (sugar cookies with red M&M’s in them), along with one of the empty mugs you can buy beer in at the Ballpark. That made the game even cooler! I took a picture of the lunch for posterity’s sake. :)

Jim Meeks Game Recap:
The Rangers lost in 10 innings on Friday 5-4 to the Reds. I did get to hear the game via I listened to the Cincy station (they suck!). I think I have figured out the crap. If you want to know which game when be on, mail me and I’ll send you a possible remedy.
Lots of guys from both teams were thrown out on the bases. But no errors.
Mike Zywica (pronounced ZIE’wik a) made a “tremendous throw” from deep right to home plate to save a run in the 8th, easily the game’s most exciting play from the Reds’ announcers. Zywica also had a double off the LF wall.
Rick Helling started and though he allowed no runs, seemed pretty unimpressive as he was behind just about every hitter.
I was impressed with righty Dan Kolb, who seemed to be overpowering. You could hear John Marzano’s glove pop loudly when he pitched.
I got to experience a ton of Rangers rookies today including Mateo who was 0 for 2.