An Open Letter to Trent Williams [UPDATED]

I updated this after the initial reaction on Twitter.  Read below the picture…

Dude, please stop.

I’m talking about the guy who has season tickets out in section 51 of Rangers ballpark.  This is the guy who in the last few years has a habit of running out on the field, catching home run balls and throwing them back.    He’s been doing this for some time now.  I don’t recall offhand when he first started doing this, but I recall for sure seeing it during the 2011 season.    The earliest I can (quickly) find was this reference to a game in September 2011.

When he started doing this, it was kind of cool.  Even amusing.   I used to get a kick out of it.  Not anymore.  I am starting to hate when opponents hit home runs out there.  Not because of my objecting to throwing home run balls back (which is another entire discussion), but the fact that this guy dominates home run balls.   I mean seriously – he seems to want to be “the man” out there, and that’s why I have a problem with this.  If I were a parent in that area, I’d be really pissed off, because Trent Williams near me means my kid has no hope of getting a home run ball.

In the last 5-6 years or so we’ve seen a few incidents of fans who have gotten foul balls that kept some kid from getting the ball – and there’s been a lot of outcry against that kind of thing.  I recall one or two even making it to being stories on the local news about “give the kid the ball”.   That’s how I see this now.   Used to be when there was a home run out there, you’d see a pile of kids going after the ball, and that’s fun to watch.  Not anymore – its’ become the Trent Williams show.   He just HAS to catch the ball on the fly and throw it back.   I strongly disagree with that.   Let the kids pile up for the ball.   I really wish Trent Williams would stop.   He’s had his moment out there, and I’m all for fans getting balls, but look at the number of kids who have been denied their chance to get a home run ball (fulfilling every kid’s fantasy) because Trent has decided they should be thrown back at the expense of anyone else running out there on Green’s Hill to chase after them.

The last straw for me was the one on Sunday where he got the home run ball by AJ – granted, I admit given the ball was over the fence, it wasn’t like he was interfering like Jeffrey Maier did.  This is different – it’s in fan territory.   But I’m honestly getting tired of seeing Williams out there hogging the home run balls.

It’s time for him to keep his backside in his seat, and let some other kids have a chance to get a home run ball.  Even if they choose to throw it back, it’s THEIR chance.  He’s had way too many of his own.

Andy Warhol called, and said that Trent Williams’ 15 minutes of fame is done.

I’m sure I’ll take some heat for this post.  I suspect a lot of Rangers fans will say “What the hell is your problem?”   But I’m sorry.  If I was a parent out there with a kid who wanted to chase after a home run ball – I’d be right pissed off of Trent ran in front of my kid to get it and throw it back when my kid would WANT the ball as a souvenir.

Thank you,

Joe Siegler

Trent Williams

UPDATE:  I apparently caused a shitstorm on Twitter about this.   Trent himself obviously doesn’t care about this issue I raised, given his initial reply which was:

It’s a shame people are seeing it as hate mail, because it isn’t.  If you read the whole post, you would see it’s not about that.  It’s about being fair to other kids, specifically little kids.  I saw a lot of posts on Twitter saying things like “if you want one, you should get out there too”.   Honestly, that USED to be possible.  It’s not anymore.   Seriously, when Trent runs out there, how many other kids do?  Count them.   Unless the ball is totally on the other side of Green’s hill, nobody else runs out there.  I haven’t gotten out a notepad and kept track in detail mind you, but almost no other kids try because they know they don’t have a hope.   This tweet sums up the feeling best about a big kid and little kids..

Regarding the “hating” issue I’m seeing…

I’m not hating on Trent.  Too many people (Robbie Ross included) immediately jumped to calling me a “hater”.  I’m a bit disappointed in that, because it’s not about “hating”.   PEOPLE – DISAGREEING WITH SOMETHING DOES NOT EQUAL HATE.   It’s a degree of emphasis here, and if you think I’m hating on Trent, I am most certainly not.   The only thing I hate in baseball is the wave.  Ugh.   I don’t like that Trent takes away the fun from other kids.

As for Robbie Ross, while I don’t agree with what he said, he did say this to Trent, which was funny, so I’ll give props to that.  :)

Here’s the bottom line..

  • I don’t hate Trent Williams.   
  • It’s good that he gives balls to kids – props for that.
  • My entire point here is that I wish Trent would stop running out there all the time, because it doesn’t let other kids have any fun piling up for the balls.
  • You don’t agree with me – that’s fine.
  • Also, regarding the msgs I’ve gotten in support on this..   Be nice people.  I saw some vitriolic msgs that I did not clear in the comments here because they truly WERE hateful.  Be cool, people.
  • If you had a parent of a little kid who wanted to try and catch a ball, you’d be miffed, too.


  1. thedudeabides says:

    so true

    • If they want the balls they should get their asses out there and get them. Don’t talk like you know Trent. He gives all the balls to kids. Quit being sour and be a dad and get your ass out of your seat and get the ball for your kid. You’re prob the same dad who’s kid is dust on the last place team and requires a trophy. Take a hike.

      • MY WHOLE POINT HERE KEVIN is that they can’t. Nobody tries anymore because they know they don’t have a chance.

        • Nobody tries because they know they dont have chance? Wow. You know before you try that you will fail? How defeatist. Everyone has a chance. He gets his butt out of the set and gets the ball. its entitled to any fan in the stands. You dont want his getting a ball. Knock his ass outa the way and get it yourself. Its cool to have such dedicated fans that come out and are known to be out there. 110 outside? Dudes still in the stands. You dont know what you cant do till you do it. I wanna see more guys out there everyday giving this dude a run for his money.

  2. Just FYI….every ball this kid catches….he gives away to a little kid in the stands that probably would never have a chance at getting it because of the adults that run out on the hill. Don’t complain until you know the real story. Keep doing it, Trent!!!!

    • Pardon? You not seeing the ones he throws back?

      • The only ones he throws back are the home runs which the opposing hit. Ball like that are thrown back in any ballpark around the nation. It is part of baseball. I don’t mind it at all.

  3. Come on dude this screams elitist bull crap, the dude pays good money for tickets and gives the ones he catches to little children, and now you are griping because he helped the Rangers by taking a home run saving catch from the center fielder

  4. Come on man. You’re probably the same guy who wants to do the wave while our team is batting. If the other teams hits a homer, i hope we throw it back. I guarantee that if a kid or anyone else that didn’t throw the ball back, would be booed. It’s become a tradition that Ranger fans do. Not just trent williams. I enjoy seeing “the chubby kid” run out there and make the grab. And I especially liked it when he saved AJ’s homer. I bet AJ did too! Baseball is fun, but I’m ready for the Rangers to win it all. This isn’t the “built for fun” team it was in 09. We’re close and that brings a certain mentality. I don’t take my kid to the Ranger game hoping to get a ball. I want him to see some great baseball and a ranger’s win. By the way, when i was 12, I caught a ball out there. Garrett Anderson of the angels hit it and i didn’t throw it back. Looking back, i wish I would have. it would have been a lot cooler to rocket one back to the infield like Trent does.

    • Dear God no. I hate the wave. Incredibly stupid, and the dumbest thing to EVER be introduced into stadiums.

  5. On a more important note. When are we going to see Trent added to MLB 13 The Show on Playstation. I keep hitting home runs hoping he will run out there!

  6. Season Ticket Holder says:

    I agree. He is a douchebag making an ass of himself. He needs to realize his “fame” has faded and return the Hill to the kids to pile up on the ball. I was so glad to see someone else get the ball yesterday. And to the guy saying others should get out there, they don’t have a chance. Any time a ball looks like it even has a chance to make out to the Hill, tubby is already out there. No kid would stand a chance against his fat ass

  7. I know for a fact that he doesn’t give every ball to a kid as he told me so in an interview a year ago. People need to also understand that he’s 19 and not a “kid” anymore. Other kids won’t run out there anymore because of his size. He’ll bowl them over in his quest to catch every ball.

  8. The kid needs to give it up. It has become the one man show out there, and it only takes one person to lay out Williams before he sues the Rangers for liability. If he can’t take action on his own to grow up and let the kids have a chance, then the team needs to shut off Greene’s Hill for everybody. It only takes one bad apple…

    And I hate the “throw it back” crowd. That started with the Chicago Cubs, and the last thing we need to do is take tradition from a team that hasn’t won anything since World War II. Besides, when people throw the ball back, the ball girls give it to a big crowd of fans on either the first or third base side. The only thing you show the other team is that you are A) a bitter fan, B) drunk off your ass, or C) all of the above.

  9. Nicholas says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Yes, it is good that Trent gives balls to kids but it is not the same as earning the ball yourself. In my opinion I think all adults should stay off Green’s Hill and leave it to the kids. If it is left to the kids then all will have a chance.

  10. What’s more enjoyable to a 7 year old: running on the field and scrambling for the ball vs. being given the ball by an adult who has a monopoly on the real estate?

    Give me a break, and get off the field.

  11. gorangers says:

    I care about the Rangers. I don’t care about if kids are enjoying themselves more than adults. Besides, if a kid wants the ball, nothing is stopping him/her from trying to get it. If the big guy gets there first, so be it. Make a better read, kid. Seems like the guy who gets the balls is pretty good at it. Why shouldn’t that be rewarded? I’d rather have Trent out there taking home run balls away from Franklin Gutierrez than watch some kids stumble around for a $7 ball.

    Trent is actually helping the Texas Rangers. Kids aren’t entertaining.

  12. RockyTop says:

    Joe, let me bridge the generation gap a bit:

    Get with the times, bro. No one accused you of the Merriam-Webster definition of ‘hate’

  13. Mickeydawn says:

    Trent I saw you on fox 4 last night and I was so impressed with your interview. There are alot of people out there that have nothing better to do than Bitch about everything because “It’s not going the way they want it to” but keep doing what your doing… I enjoy watching you and my kids love you! I have a 7 year old and a 12 year old and they are not scared to go out there and catch a ball and they ask me when they go out there if maybe you would catch one for them. LOVE IT!

  14. I think your awesome Trent so keep it up. Your enjoying some good clean fun as a young man and after seeing the fox 4 news interview last night, I am convinced your heart is in the right place. As for all the haters out there………GREEN IS NOT YOUR COLOR!!!!!!!!

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