G34: Angels bunt past Rangers, win 4-2

We got an oddity in this game – CJ Wilson started the game, the night after he started the game Friday.  Now granted, on Friday he only threw less than 20 pitches or something like that, and he probably campaigned to go again, or maybe Mike Scoscia was swayed by the fans chanting “We want CJ” towards the end of Friday night’s game..  Whatever the reason, “Phone Book” Wilson took the mound on Saturday’s game, and set up the possibility that he could lose two straight games in a row on the schedule as he started both.

Early on, I thought CJ would do the same thing – pitch weakly, and get burnt.  But he didn’t.  Get burnt, that is.  He did have some sloppy pitching early on (walked the first two batters of the game), but the lack of a rain delay was the key – he got out of it with a strikeout and a double play.   He then put up a bunch of zeroes going forward and didn’t give up any runs until the fifth inning.

Before that, Mike Trumbo hit a titanic home run – that went over the windows of the restaurant in left field.  Was so much a no doubter, it was just – WOW.  That gave the Angels a two run lead in the fourth.

A hit by pitch and two singles led to the Rangers first run in the fifth inning.   The Rangers’ second run – WAIT FOR IT – came on a Josh Hamilton home run in the bottom of the sixth.

The Angels regained the lead in the seventh on a bunch of small ball – a few infield bunt hits, and a couple of sacrifice flies.  It was very deflating after managing to catch up in the sixth.

Matt Harrison took the loss, going to 4-3 on the season.  But, CJ Wilson didn’t get the win, he got a no decision.  Really would have preferred he took the loss himself, but given we couldn’t win, at least Wilson didn’t get a win off the Rangers.