G10: Rangers stay hot with 2-0 win in Detroit on Monday

Alexi Ogando vs Justin Verlander. Despite Ogando’s performance in his first start, it did seem like a bit of an unfair fight, didn’t it? Not quite David vs. Goliath, as I wouldn’t call Ogando “small” at all (haha). But one figured this would be a place where the streak would stop. It didn’t.
Ogando was brilliant. I mean BRILLIANT. His stuff was dominating, and no WAY did he pitch like he was a fifth starter. He pitched like he was up the top. Man, Tommy Hunter simply cannot be liking this. There’s no way Ogando can come out of the rotation if he keeps pitching like this. Things have a way of working themselves out, and I’m sure this will too, but man. Ogando was scary good looking. Shame that a blister had to take him out of the game after the seventh, as he looked dominating enough that he could have gone all nine, even where Feliz would have more obviously come in based on circumstances.
He was followed by Darren Oliver and Neftali Feliz who both pitched scoreless innings and allowed a hit each (Feliz threw in a walk too for good measure). Wow. Just WOW.
On the other side, Justin Verlander was advertised. He pitched the complete game loss, and he himself was brilliant too. Except for the top of the seventh. Verlander allowed too many bunched hits together. Walk to Hamilton, single to Beltre, and a double to Mike Young. After a groundout by Cruz that resulted in Beltre being out at the plate, Moreland also doubled for the other run. Without breaking out my scorecard to look at the number of pitches, I recall most of that sequence having at bats with just a few pitches, so it all happened pretty quickly. Verlander regained control and shut out the Rangers for the final two innings, but the damage was done.
Just in case you didn’t notice it. I was seriously impressed with Alexi Ogando. I CANNOT WAIT for him to pitch again.
This was an awesome win. 9-1. Matches the best start in club history. I think if we win on Tuesday, we set a new standard, right?
Go Rangers!