ST4: Rangers at .500 in spring with 10-6 drubbing of Halos

Hi Vic!
This is a game that was on the radio (well, XM Radio), but I didn’t get a chance to listen much, as I was bouncing around running errands. My wife had an appt with some doctors for our son, then I had to go pick up my daughter from school. Then the four of us hung out in a playground near my daughter’s school for awhile. Was a nice afternoon. It did keep me from listening to much of the game at all, though. We need TiVo for radio still! Gah!!
Anyway, the two biggest points of this game are the powersticks came out in force today. Also, Tommy Hunter looked pretty good. First the Big Game Hunter…
Tommy went two innings (pretty standard for early March), and threw 22 pitches to 7 batters. Struck out two, walked nobody, and gave up just one hit. Looked pretty efficient, and you get the feeling that he could have kept going at this point. But again, March 2nd. That’s not the time to stretch out your pitchers. Maybe three next time.
Relievers didn’t fare nearly as well. There were seven of them. Relievers 1-4 all gave up runs. I didn’t hear any of those, to be honest. The only one I “heard” pitch was the last one, Pedro Strop, who only threw eight pitches to four batters. He allowed a hit, but no damage. He sounded sharp. Even the Angels broadcasters I was listening to thought the same thing.
The power was four longballs along with a double. The home runs were David Murphy, Ian Kinsler, Chad Tracy, and David Deeds. That was Murphy’s first of the spring.
This win gets us back to .500 for the season. Thursday is a pair of split squad games.