G26: Rangers win it in 10th, 7-2

This game for the most part was one I thought was going to be one where you’d chalk it up to Padilla being a hard luck loser. He was being bested by Erik Bedard. Padilla went eight innings, gave up just a single hit, and one unearned run. That was it. Bedard went 7. Gave up just one run (his was earned), and the game went into extra innings tied 1-1. I’m no fan of extra innings (unless I’m in attendance, than give me 30!).
However, the Rangers unloaded in the top of the 10th, scoring six times to totally take the game away. It was capped by a grand slam by Jarrod Saltamacchia. The Rangers offense was surprisingly small. We did have two doubles, and two home runs, but we also had 12 singles.
Nice to see a big inning like that.
(This commentary is short, due to playing catch up on nine games of commentary at once).