ST12: Rangers lose 13-7, done in by stink from Number 33.

This one can be traced to the big old ugly number in the top of the second inning by the Dodgers. They plated seven runners. If that wasn’t ugly enough, they surrounded it with a run in the first, and two in the third. The score was 10-5 after three innings. Pitching was NOT the name of this game.
Kevin Millwood led the stink brigade this game. Mark Clark & Chan Ho Park only dreamed about being this bad. Three innings, twelve hits, two walks, TEN earned runs. The only saving grace of that is that none of them were home runs, but that’s really weak. Millwood faced 21 batters in his three innings of work, and ten of them scored. That’s pretty awful. Of the remaining three runs the Dodgers scored, only one of them was earned (against Mr. Anna Benson), although Benson threw the same amount of innings as Stinky Kevin, and surrendered one tenth of the runs.
We were kind of out of it the entire game. Never led, much less be tied (excluding the 0-0 start of the game score).
Offensively the leader this game was Brandon Boggs. He went 3-5 with an RBI and two runs scored. In fact, the longball was the order of the day for the Rangers, and if it wasn’t for that 7 spot we gave up, we probably would have won this. The four home runs were by Brandon Boggs (solo shot), Hank Blalock, Andruw Jones (two run), and Taylor Teagarden, who had a three run home run. In fact, that’s all seven runs the Rangers scored right there. Good classic Rangers – 100% of our runs on the longball. :) Jones’ home run was his first of the spring, and I’m sure Ned Colletti loved that little factoid.