G92: Rangers win on Hamilton walk off HR, 5-4

I know I just did this a couple of games ago, but.. Yeah, there was some timely hitting. Yeah, we had a strange pitching setup tonight. But darned if this is the only thing you can think about.

What’s with Jamey Wright in the group picture? Looks like he wants to kill someone. :)


  1. infochick says

    There is nothing better than sitting in a crowded bar, watching a baseball game like this, and having your favorite player hit the game winning home run in the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs. Me, my husband and a Rangers fan we didn’t even see before that point, jumped on top of our chairs and started screaming. It was MAGNIFICENT! I can only imagine how electrifying it must have been at the stadium at that very moment!

  2. RevRobby says

    K-rod has been dancing on the edge of the cliff all season. Very few of his saves have been 1-2-3. He seems to give up at least one walk and one hit in the 9th (and one line-drive out) every single appearance.
    This debacle was just going to happen soon or later — and actually very likely to happen in the Arlington bandbox with all of those good hitters licking their chops.
    I’m glad you had your fun, Ranger fans. Enjoy it.