G23: Rangers swept in Detroit on 8-2 loss

That’s one Wash for each loss in a row. Seven of them. As with most of the recent games in the 2008 edition of the Texas Rangers, there’s little to like. It did, however start off pretty decently, at least for me.
I work across the street from a Chili’s. I had gotten an email from them recently saying they had a new Soup & Salad deal for lunch (the express lunch). So I decided to walk across the street for that. I’m siting there eating my bowl of really extremely good Chicken Enchilada soup, and the TV’s there were on. Baseball Tonight was just finishing, and it was noon, so I mentioned to my waitress that the Rangers game was starting, and she had the bartender change the channel, so I got to see the first inning of the Rangers game in High Def. I have not seen a Rangers game that way before – at least not like this (meaning not at demo setups in your Best Buys, that kind of thing). It was seriously cool watching it that way. Michael Young’s home run was pretty cool, too.
Jason Jennings took the hill, and I got to see Curis Granderson’s leadoff home run – which actually got me to say out loud at Chili’s “here we go again”. I was pretty much done at this point, but I hung around to see the whole first inning in High Def. If I was’t on my lunch hour, I might have ordered some beers and watched the whole thing that way. :)
The problem today was the longball. Jennings gave up three of them, and Kaz Fukumori gave up two. Seven of the eight Tigers runs all came off one of the longballs. Speaking of Fukumori, man, what the heck happened to the guy in spring training? He was lights out, and when the lights went on for the season, his lights were knocked out. Thing is, his ERA went DOWN to 20.25 after this outing. Ugh.
We never could get much going this game. After the initial high of being in the lead (gasp), we never could get anything going. The Rangers managed just four hits total (two were by Michael Young), and looked pretty lifeless.
We limp home to play the Twins at home this weekend. Hopefully, maybe, the team will show some life after getting home. We’ve already tied the record for worst start in team franchise history (even including the Senators days?) according to the local press, so some home cooking might help.
Something’s gotta.


  1. jasonj says

    Joe, During the Senators run (1961-1971) there was one season where they had a worse record after 23 games. In 1962, the record after 23 was 5-18, they finished 60-100.
    The team they tied was the 1982 version who finished 64-98.