G4: Rangers lose an annoying one to M’s, 9-6

I’m just too mad to do an update on this on Friday night. :( It’s our bullpen letting us down again, which is a disturbing trend, even if it’s only Week #1.
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  1. Douglas says

    it was a good game back and forth the whole way. I think Nick Regilio needs to get himself a one way ticket to anyplace but texas after that horrible 8th inning. Shouse wasent that immpressive either giving up 2. The only immpressive pitching outing unfortunatly was Chan the Ho, which means he will probably be here for a while. I wish H&H would have the guts to get rid of him. O well the Rangers are now 1-3 and their magic number to win the division now stands at 160.

  2. jamcadbury says

    Buck did a horrible job of bullpen management, the home plate umpire screwed us and gave Seattle an extra two runs, and it took blind luck for the offense to stay in the game.
    I was and I suppose still am a fan of Buck, but he has made some very questionable decisions at best and horrible calls at worst (Regilio) I’m starting to highly doubt the roster moves too…GMJ is doing crappy right now and I’d rather see Nix, A-Gon should never have been sitting on the bench, and I still don’t know what Allen/Regilio/Bukvich are doing on the roster. Dominguez should be in this bullpen, without question.
    I would love to believe this team can take the division crown and still think they can, but they’re going to have to get their crap together fast and stop fooling around. This thing could tank pretty fast from what I’ve seen.

  3. thefly says

    I was at a bar (not a sports bar) while the game was on. Seemed like the Rangers were tradingt the lead with every other beer. Knew I should have stopped at six!