Rangers rained out, Johnny Oates gone

Rainout. And it was good, because our pitching was getting shelled again. Down 6-0 in the fourth, it all got washed away.
This means that I’ll get to go to Narron’s official debut tomorrow – as I have tickets for that game. It seemed to me that Davis couldn’t get the ball up – he was continually too low.
The big news of the day was Johnny, of course. I covered that on the news page, and I haven’t written anything of my own yet – I want to wait a week or so to let it sink in. A lot of online folks just write knee jerk things, and I want to wait until I’ve had a chance to process my feelings. Since I’ve been a Ranger fan, Johnny has been the only manager I’ve known – I didn’t start following them until 1995 (I didn’t move to Texas until Dec 92).