G58: Rangers drop finale to Dodgers, 7-2

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Commentary by Jim Meeks:
I didn’t get to see but about half the game Wednesday. I saw enough though – as Mark Clark was shelled and the Rangers lost for only the 3rd time in 15 games.
The Rangers played some good defense in the early innings, but Tod Zeile (again) let a ball go right through him and then there was no way for the Rangers to come back after being down 6-0. Zeile was not charged with an error (that may change because it was obviously an error, according to the radio guys), Zeile is going to wind up killing this team defensively and I really expect him to be dealt – or benched – in favor of someone else down the stretch.
The good news is that the Rangers finished the road trip at 3-3 against pitchers they never have seen or rarely see.
Friday, they open up a short three game homerstand against the Rockies, then back into troubled waters against the Yankees (4 games) and Boston (4 games) on the road, before almost a three-week stretch against AL West opponents.