ST3: Rangers lose close one to Red Sox, 7-6

Well, this one got started a bit better than the first two. The Rangers got their first home run of the pre-season (Scott Sheldon), and Gonzalez got into the RBI parade. Perennial Ranger killer Jose Offerman started everything off with a two run home run off of Mark Clark. Other than that, Clark seemed fairly sharp. I thought we were headed to another win, but the long ball kills the Rangers again in their second extra inning game of the first three of the pre-season.
The Rangers bunched things up again with 4 runs in one inning. That’s always fun to see from a fan standpoint, but I would prefer the Rangers do thing a bit more even than this. Jonathan Johnson looked pretty good today, probably the best pitching I can recall.
From the radio announcement of the horrible throw by Mateo/Pena, I would love to see a video of that. Mateo bounced a throw (three bounces) to the infield, and Pena hit the umpire who was 10 feet away from home plate. That was the last play of the game.
More bad news off the field, though – Raffy & Mike Simms. :(
So far things aren’t going all that well. Hopefully things will pick up soon.